Google Books citations listed as journal article

For the most part, citations entered via Google Books should be identified as type “Book”. But it seems that often (always) the item is entered as a journal article. Take this example:

(chosen just because I happened to enter it a few minutes ago!).

It is picked up as a journal article - despite the fact that Paperpile correctly picks up the ISBN, which should suggest it is a book!

Is there any way to change the default? I recognize that different users might be entering different things from various sites. Could there be a way, say, of the user changing the default for the various sites (Google Books: you could choose whether Paperpile should fall back on journal article or book, etc.; similarly for Google Scholar). Or perhaps there should be an option to display what Paperpile intends to enter into the database, before you finally commit it - with the possibility of editing entry type, or anything else.

Hi Robert,

I tried to reproduce, and on my machine it is correctly imported as book. Could you, please, select the entry in your Paperpile library and hit CNTRL+J, and send the output via In-App messaging. That would help a lot in debugging this case.


Hmm, I deleted it, then added it back into Paperpile, and it did indeed come in as a book. And I don’t suppose that that data is any use to you. I’ll keep my eyes open for another erroneous import, and will send that along instead