Google doc not recognising citations

Dear all,

I am struggling with google doc formatting and Paperpile. I had a google doc with Paperpile citations, downloaded it to a docx, edited (with Paperpile plug in working fine). Then I reuploaded it to google to edit collaboratively again (as docx). Eventually once I wanted to do citations, I got the warning and converted to a google doc. However, now in the google doc, my old citations aren’t being recognised by Paperpile. They’re blue and underlined but the link doesn’t work properly and once I format, it will only format newly added citations, not the old ones, and thus won’t add to my library. How could I make it recognise the citations again?

Thank you!

Welcome to our forum, @Magdalena_Schindler! Did you export back to Google Docs by clicking the Paperpile tab > Export to Google Docs?

You would then click the resulting link to open the fresh GDoc with working Paperpile citations.

Let me know.

yes I did!

Did you click on the link, as shown on the second screenshot I shared? You mention editing the file in .docx format and then converting, which wouldn’t happen since clicking the link opens the document automatically in GDoc format (no re-upload required). Let me know.