Google Docs Resource unavailable


I’m getting a Resource unavailable error for one of my papers when I am trying to open it from paperpile. It’s still available through the google drive interface and other papers still work.

Error is not that informative:

btw: the contact support box in the app seems broken

Can you try to reload Paperpile and contact us with more details through the support box (from what I can say Intercom is up and running and not broken)

Are we talking about a PDF here or another file? How did you try to open it? Can you send us the URL for the error you see.

Sometimes unfortunately Google Drive has issues but typically they go away after some time.

This was the offending pdf. Reloading didn’t fix it immediately but apparently whatever caused the bug before has disappeared - I can load the file through paperpile again.

My problem with the support box however persists. Clicking on the ‘Contact Support’ button

does nothing.

Most likely it was some transient Google Drive issue.

The support box surprises me though. Do you see the round support button in the bottom right corner?

It’s a third party system by and sometimes it does not load for whatever reason.

Nope, button is gone too.