Google Docs undo Citation after formating

Hello everyone,
Quick question, I think I know that initial answer: Using Google Docs, after you run the “format citations” from the Paperpile menu, can you go back and undo it?

Is that possible on MS-Words?

If not, what are the best practices to do this, do you wait until you finish everything then do “format citations”, how do you handle the situation between first draft and final submission?

Thanks for the query, @Fr_David_Elias. This is possible in Google Docs via our optional sidebar add-on. Once installed, activate it via the document’s Add-ons menu and you will see a gear icon with the option to Unformat citations.

The same is not possible in MS Word at the moment. The default setting there is for citations and bibliography to be updated automatically after inserting each citation, a behavior which can be modified via the citation style change dialog (so the update only occurs when prompted by the user). If you’d like to share details of your particular use case, perhaps we could make a recommendation. Let me know.

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thank you very much.
I think that’s important enough to go on the quickStart
Thank you again for your help.

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