Google drive integration, Feature request and a general opinion


TL;DR: Paperpile is way behind in terms of communication.

First I would like to thank the devs for their great work, I haven’t been using Paperpile for long, working from home made me focus more on my note-taking and reference management and Paperpile delivers greatly.

Now, Did you know that you can now reconfigure/rename/rearrange your google drive folder? and that leads me to my feature request and my opinion.

My feature request, the option to arrange the google drive folder with the same folder structure in Paperpile, and/or by labels.

My opinion, Paperpile needs way more communication. I only knew about this when I accidentally stumbled upon the “what’s new” page as I was purely interested in seeing how “alive” is Paperpile!!

I really appreciate the devs existence on the forum, but the forum is mainly for current users.

other than that, the blog is rarely updated. the subreddit is completely dead “is it official?”. the new features where not announced on twitter. I mean, I thought Paperpile was new until I found out it was established in 2012, that’s when I started using reference managers and i have never heard of Paperpile until 2020. The last video on Youtube was 6 years ago. iOS and android apps have been in private beta for too long without communication about why, when will it be open, etc.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to give an example, or if it’s a fair comparison. But I really like the communication from the “Notion” team. Paperpile is great and it deserves far more exposure.

Sorry for the long post,
Stay safe.


Thanks for the feedback, @Hazem_Abdelghany. Your input is valuable and most welcome. Regarding your feature request, mirroring folder structure in Drive is our endgame - this new feature is a step in that direction.

As for our communication, I completely agree with your points and your perception as an existing user. We’re actively working on improving our channels and general communication as we are aware this is essential for our product to continue growing and our user base to get the most out of it. It’s a significant challenge we face as a small team; hopefully we’ll have some nice updates to share with our community soon!

Thanks for your reply @vicente. Actually, being able to directly contact the devs through the forum is a very pleasant experience Paperpile users have. It motivates users to contribute and adds excitement to using an already exciting app. Thank you for maintaining that.
I really hope to hear a lot of people talking about Paperpile soon, good luck and keep up the good work.

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