Google login on ipad stuck

I downloaded the ipad app, but after I use the google login, it gives me an error “sign in with google failed”. Any workarounds or solutions for this? I’ve tried my personal gmail and my work (.edu) gmail.

Welcome to our forum, @Mischa_Jackson! Is this still the case? Have you tried restarting / reinstalling the app? Signing out of and back in to your Google accounts from the iPad settings might be a good thing to try as well. Let me know.

I see you’ve started different trial accounts under each of your gmails. Unless this was intentional, I would suggest choosing one and deleting the other via a desktop browser. I would also suggest using Chrome Profiles on the browser to keep account activity separate.

I had this issue happen and was able to allow the login by changing Safari setting. By default Safari doesn’t allow pop-up windows.

In settings go to Safari then toggle off “Block Pop-ups”

Hopefully this helps your situation!

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