Google scholar block

I started a trial yesterday and did some searches on Google Scholar. After a while I got blocked and I haven’t been able to use it again. Is there any way to resolve this?
I wanted to try Paperpile because I often use Google Scholar but this kind of defeats the purpose for me!

Under normal usage you should not be blocked. You say “I did some searches”. How exactly did you do that?

In particular if you use the standard interface and import papers with the Paperpile buttons, you should not run into trouble.

If you can send us a quick note using the in app-messenger (the button in the bottom right) we can check the logs and give you more advice.

Unfortunately that’s a recurring issue for which there is no clear solution (just search through the forum here…). Google Scholar does not give us official access but not using this great resource would be not a good option either. So we try to find a middle ground minimizing automatized queries wherever we can while still offering GS search.

In any case, I’m sorry if you had rough start with Paperpile!

Thanks for your quick reply, Stefan. I imported around 120 references so I imagine this caused the block. The solution seems to be to clear cookies, which resulted in my being able to access Google Scholar again.