"Group libraries" not imported from Zotero

Hi PP team!

My group libraries are not imported from Zotero: only my personal items are. The folder “Group libraries” is created but empty.
As indicated on your help page, I did set the permissions to “Read Only” in “Default Group permissions”.

Is the import of group libraries broken for anyone else?

Thanks for any help!

Hi Jucor,

Paperpile imports only those group libraries, where you are the owner. Does this setting apply in your case?


Ah, very good to know, thank you very much @andreas! I am not the owner yet, but will get this changed, try again, and update this thread.

Wonderful, it worked. It cost me 20$ to buy enough Zotero storage to inherit the ownership, though – hence the potential usefulness of importing libraries without being the owner, or at least to precise it somewhere in the doc.

Thanks for the quick solution! :smile: