Hack/Workflow to work with Scrivener and Paperpile

I have managed to get Scrivener to work somehow with Paperpile.
My hacky workflow works this way:

  1. You go to google doc and add the citation you want
  2. you copy and paste the citation into scrivener with the hyperlink
  3. Compile to word
  4. Using the word extension convert the link from google docs (see attached image)

Honestly from a development perspective I don’t see the challenge of enabling copying a link from Paperpile and then converting it in word. The reason you have to do it in Google Doc is that paperpile doesn’t work with it’s links

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@guybbb welcome to the forum, and thanks for offering this workaround! We haven’t received a request for integration with Scrivener before. I’ve added this new feature request to our tracker for the team’s consideration in the future.

We haven’t received a request for integration with Scrivener before


Using paperpile with Scrivener - Feature requests - Paperpile Forum

Support for Scrivener or the like? - Feature requests - Paperpile Forum

Desktop App for Adding Citations in Other Text Editors (Ulysses + Scrivner) - Feature requests - Paperpile Forum

Not trying to be snippy, but, along with the constant delays, this kind of thing makes me nervous as to the status of the paperpile team and where paperpile is headed.

Thanks for the links to these threads. Clearly, it has been many years since we last received a request for Scrivener integration.

Yeah and why don’t you do anything about it? There are many people waiting for some action on this. It’s not normal practice on the internet to post a thread per person who wants this. Isn’t it immediately obvious to you what a mess that would be?

I agree with @heumed that it’s worrying the paperpile dev team seems to be doing barely anything.

The workflow I suggested here is easy to implement as a generic solution. It’s true you have to finalize your text in Word but I think it’s a common scenario in many manuscripts workflows.

If the word plugin would be able process any paperpile link as citation entry point then this workflow will be almost seamless

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Our tracker is where we record all feature requests. We’ve been maintaining the tracker since 2020. Unfortunately, that means some less popular feature requests dating from pre-2020, like the requests for Scrivener in the threads above, may have been missed. I apologize for that. I have added them to the tracker for the team’s consideration in the future. But given that we have received very few requests for this integration (none in the past three years), I cannot promise that it will be a priority. @guybbb has posted a workaround for Scrivener, which will be helpful for users of both Paperpile and Scrivener.

The team’s primary focus for this year has been on preparing for the release of our new webapp alongside with the Chrome change to Manifest Version 3, which required a major rewrite of our code base. And I can assure you that the dev team has been working very hard on it. It is also why we have not released a lot of new features recently.

Fair enough and thank you for all the effort that the Paperpile team poured into this app. It would be great if Paperpile finally added a public API (which has been requested many times over the years). Allow the community to contribute unofficial plugins like Obsidian does — until the Paperpile team can get around to officially supporting these features.

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Thanks. Please add my request to your tracker for better integration between Paperpile and Scrivener.

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Still on track for beta release by end of year? You don’t have to answer if unsure but an update would be appreciated. I’ve purchased an annual sub counting on this.

@louay.md We’ll be reaching out to users on our beta testing list in the next few weeks.

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Great. Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

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The workflow worked very well. Thank you. I agree with you. I do not understand the technical challenge of generating a citation entry that can be used in Scrivener and others.

Please also include my request for a Scrivener integration.

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I’d like to add my request to integrate Scrivener and Paperpile as well. I had not posted this because others had and I did not see an upvote feature, so did not want to nag.

A workaround is helpful, but is a hack (even though it is quite helpful) and hacks are not well received at my institution.

Any progress with this request?

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Yep, an integration would be great!