Handwritten ipad app annotations mangled/warped/illegible in web viewer

Hi! I am an avid user of paperpile because I enjoy that my highlights and handwritten apple pencil annotations get synced across devices.

Recently, however, my handwritten notes now appear as mangled scribbles when I open annotated papers via the web app of paperpile (see example screenshot below). The highlights work fine. The handwritten notes are perfectly normal in the ipad app, just look different/mangled in the web app.

Is there anything I can do, or can this be fixed?

I am using paperpile in chrome version 115.0.5790.171, but I also tried running it on Microsoft Edge and had the same issue.

Thank you!

@Maura is this happening with handwritten annotations in any PDF you try to open, or specific ones? We’ve received reports of this before and keep an active list of PDFs where it happens, but a solution is yet out of reach. If you’re able to share some of the affected files via chat or email (support@paperpile.com), it will be helpful for when we next update the mobile and web viewers. Let me know.

Hi! It’s happening with all PDFs I annotate within paperpile. In my case that’s hundreds of PDFs (I have 3000 files in pp, of which a few hundred are annotated with pencil and highlights). I can email some examples.

I now annotate in a separate app (eg notability) and load that marked-up pdf into paperpile once I’m done, those are not affected.