Handwritten note sync issue

I have a paper that both has highlights and some handwritten notes in it. Now I can not even open that paper in the iOS app, it just crashes the app completely. And I guess since it can’t sync that file it causes sync error and no other files are being synced either. On the web app I can open that file, but it lacks all the handwritten notes and highlights after those notes…

It’s kinda a big issue :slight_smile:

I removed the corrupted file from the iPad (but not from the Paperpile). Sync error is still there, and any subsequent highlights in any paper are not being propagated to the web version. Then I redownloaded that corrupted file to iPad (I guess it is being pulled from G Drive), file opens normally, and those handwritten notes are still in the file. Of course sync issue is still present.

New papers added through web are not synced to iPad either.

Hi Marko,

Thanks for letting us know, we’ll look into it. In the mean time can you try logging out in the mobile app, close the app, then sign in again and check if the sync now finishes successfully ?

I could do that, but the app says that if I log out, all my unsynced files will be lost. Not sure I want to do that right now, need first to check the difference in web app and iOS.

Signed out, and signed in again. Sync is working again, but all the unsynced changes from iPad are not there anymore (which was expected…).