"Has Note" indicator

A small thing - currently, if I’ve added a note to an entry in my library, the pencil icon gets just a little bit darker. Could that become less subtle?


We are rebuilding the notes system and UI completely once the new PDF annotator is public and integrated with Paperpile. So that should not be a problem any more.

So, the pdf view is now integrated, but the note indicator seems just as subtle. More important, it would be wonderful if three things could be added:

  1. A keystroke to quickly view a note (“n” would be the obvious choice, especially given that the down arrow already moves down to the next article.)

  2. A way to have all notes showing. When you have 100s of articles for a given topic, a star usually isn’t sufficient to know which ones are relevant. Being able to automatically see your notes as you work through them would be very helpful.

  3. Unless I’m mistaken, I can’t see the notes I create in Paperpile once I open the pdf in the integrated viewer. That would seem like a pretty useful thing too. Very useful actually.



Upon closer inspection I see that you DO have my suggestion #2 already implemented. To the right side under the Filter option if you click “has notes” every single entry with a note appears, and the notes are all automatically opened. You may have always had this and I missed, it, but bravo in any case!

Any update to this? As of July 2020, the note indicator is as subtle as ever:

Without squinting, it’s almost impossible to see that the bottom paper has a note, whereas the top paper does not.