Have Links Open in New Tabs

Hello Awesome Paperpile Devs,

I don’t know if this request is even possible, but I thought I would post it anyway. I am currently working on my Masters via an online course. Many online courses use a discussion tool heavily. My process is write discussion post in Google Docs, use Paperpile to do reference management, export Google Doc to HTML, post HTML to discussion tool.

Here’s where my request comes in. I love that all my in-text citations and references are links, but it would be nice if those links opened in a separate page ie had the target="_blank" attribute added to them.

Is this even possible for you to implement or is it a Google Docs thing?


I’m afraid that’s not really an option. We can’t control how links are inserted to the Google Doc. We only can add a link to the data model but how this link is treaded withing Google Docs and on export is beyond our control.

Yep, I kind of figured that would be the case. Thanks!