Have to reload Paperpile tab before external links work

When looking at Google scholar it will show if an item is already in Paperpile and one can click on the link to see that item in PP as well. This is great, but often it doesn’t work if Paperpile is already open in another tab. I have to go and reload that tab before it will load. I don’t know what causes this but often seems to be worse if I was searching something in Paperpile, or hadn’t used it in a while.

I tried what you described this morning. I found it happened not for the PDF file button but the Paperpile button with the checkmark. I had PP open in another window, searched for something in Google Scholar, found an article I already had in PP, click on the Paperpile button with the green checkmark, and it wouldn’t open in the PP window. I had to close the PP window, then the button worked. That window/tab had been open for days. I could add to Paperpile and search on Paperpile.