Help requested: new format style

I would like to create a citation style that would output only the first author, date, and abstract. I’ve tried figuring out the edit tool in, but it’s too much for me. Can someone with more skill than I have give me instructions? Many thanks in advance!

Like this?

How did you do that?

You can build you own styles or modify existing ones, helps with that.

Somehow I missed this reply to my question. I know I can, in theory, build my own styles using the citation styles editor - but I’ve tried and failed to do this. It needs more expertise than I have.

Your output is close, but I want something even simpler: just {firstauthor}{publication date}(abstract}

(I put my own summaries of articles in the abstract field, so I can look over a list of papers easily and see quick sumamries)

So ideally when I press ^C, instead of a regular citaitn format, I would get something like this:

  {Jeffries2012}: shows that opinions can cascade across a network

Is that possible? Help much appreciated!

Yes it is, because the output in the bibliography is completely defined by the template variables and you can set the format as you whish in your custom CSL.

It’s a bit confusing at first, I had to look into it because I also needed an uncommon formatting there and you can essentially make anything that doesn’t involve any advanced formatting.

Do you want the short summary in the in-line citation or in the bibliography?

Do you want the short summary in the in-line citation or in the bibliography?

I want it when I press ctrl-C (or “Cite → Citation”) - I think that gives the bibliography format. I want to be able to paste it into my notes.

Thanks for your help.

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