High extension memory usage

I noticed that even when I don’t have a paperpile tab open, the extension uses a ridiculous amount of memory (I have 8GB total):

Any idea why this is?

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+1 I’ve noticed this more recently (the last couple of months?) and I don’t remember it being an issue prior to that (~2.5 years). I now keep the extension disabled until I need to use Paperpile which isn’t ideal. I’ve noticed high RAM usage while using Paperpile with Google Docs too.

(Running on GalliumOS/Ubuntu 16.04 and ChromeOS)

There appears to be a memory leak when running Paperpile in ChromeOS/Linux, but we have not been able to pin it down. We have so far not heard similar reports from Windows or macOS so there is a chance this is a bug in the the way Chrome handles extensions on those platforms. We will try to reproduce and hopefully get to the bottom of this.

Are you running stable builds of Chrome?

Yes, a memory leak makes sense (the extension was on 1.5GB this morning). I will check the RAM usage in my windows environment as well (though part of the reason might be that Linux machines tend to have a much longer uptime). And yes, only stable builds of Chrome.