High level header appears out of order in annotations

The title says it all. Here is a screen shot first of the highlights, then of the annotation pane. The “Experiment 1” highlight (right hand column) should occur after the three highlights in the lefthand column, but actually occurs before. I’ll send the file to andreas.

  • Mark

I definitely see your point here, but from a technical point of view this is really non-trivial to accomplish. We first have to develop an algorithm to reliably detect multi-column layouts, because anything else could easily mess up the order of highlights when just a single column is present.

Would it be possible for now to include a HorizontalPosition attribute in the JSON export of annotations? I store all my annotations for a specific project as a summary in a text file, and using that attribute I could order them automatically because I know whether or not the specific PDF has two columns.

Sure. That is something that can be easily included.