Highlight and annotate PDFs: now in beta

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MetaPDF looks great… I took it for a quick spin and found it more responsive than I thought it would be. I like that the annotations can also be recognised by Acrobat Reader. In order to really test it, I would want “Step 3: Allow opening PDFs from Paperpile in MetaPDF” to be put in place as only then could I integrate it into my workflow. I hope this would happen by a paperpile preference that would allow one-click opening in Meta PDF. i understand that this is still a planned step, but as a standalone, I could see myself switching over to a Paperpile-MetaPDF workflow. Nice work.

Came to MetaPDF through Paperfile. Of course, I can’t wait for you to integrate the two.

For now, I’m finding that it’s very easy to just open MetaPDF and access my Paperfile pdfs via Google drive.

Not really a problem, but something folks might want to take note of: Paperfile appears to cache the pdfs you choose to view from directly within it. So, it takes awhile after you annotate your documents directly in MetaPDF for these annotations to show up when you access the files from within Paperfile.

Issues with Cached documents
Changes made in metaPDF doesnt show up if the document is opened in the paperpile viewer

That currently can take up to 15 minutes until it gets synced back from Google Drive. That will not be an issue once MetaPDF is fully integrated. Then MetaPDF will update the cached version immediately with the copy in Google Drive.

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I worked on a pdf in metapdf today and noticed that my annotation boxes had a new field called ‘Reply’. Looked pretty much like the annotation system for google docs. I think this is an excellent feature that I didn’t even know I would need but now realize is very useful, even when not collaborating (e.g. for highlighting questions and answering them later).

Now my problem is that I can’t seem to get this to work anymore and I don’t remember which pdf I had open when I first noticed. Was it just a dream or is there a reason why it disappeared again?

While I’m trying to find the reply mode: my machine went into sleep mode with the metapdf tab open (Win7Pro64, Chrome Version 46.0.2490.80 m) and when I woke it up, some (but not all) of my old annotations were misaligned with the text. New annotations looked fine, just the ones before sleep mode were messed up:

Any ideas?

I just found out that opening metapdf in android chrome seems to work quite well. You get a warning about your device not being supported, but you can ignore that. Opening files from gdrive works fine too. Is there any timeline for a offline android application?

Hi everyone - I’m a new user, so apologies in advance for missing something obvious, but considering that it’s now almost 7 years later, is this feature still in beta? I just want to make sure that I’m not going down the wrong path from the start. Any recommendations whether I should use this feature, or rather look for an alternative? Thank you.

Welcome to our forum, @Bobbie_E_Ray, and thanks for trying Paperpile. Indeed, our PDF annotator has remained in beta for much longer than intended even though it has been running quite smoothly for the past couple years. We hope to release it to general availability this year; in the meantime you can activate it from the top right corner of your library by clicking your email > Settings > Browser Integration > PDF Viewer and selecting ‘Viewer with annotations (beta)’. Please feel free to reach out again here or via chat/email (support@paperpile.com) with any further questions you might have.