Keyboard scroll support

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It appears to be impossible to scroll the document using keyboard (PgUp/Dn, arrows). Is this a bug or feature that has not been implemented?

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Not sure what’s going on, but keyboard scroll works on my laptop. It didn’t seem to work earlier today with an external keyboard … Maybe other users can test and chime in?

If you can reproduce under which circumstances the scrolling does not work, that would be very helpful.

Of course it’s implemented and should work like as you would expect from a PDF viewer.

I get scrolling up and down working with the arrow keys but the PgUp and PgDn do not work. Would be nice to have this fixed as it makes for some slow scrolling…

Which OS are you on? Do you use an US keyboard? As I said before, scrolling should work like on every other application including Page up and Down. If it does not do it for you, it would be very helpful to know more details to be able to reproduce.

Ubuntu Linux with Chrome w/ US layout keyboard. I have no trouble if opened in Paperpile but it doesn’t work in MetaPDF

Yes, I imagined that the behaviour was not intended. :smile:

Thanks. I can reproduce. I remember we did some last minute changes because the keyboard library which promised to handle all this stuff was broken and we replaced it with custom code. Apparently that broke PgUp and PgDown.

We’ll fix it.

hi, i’m using Paperpile pdf viewer to do some reading, where I zoomed in to half a page at a time.

I noticed when i pressed PAGE DOWN key, the viewer always goes to the top half of the next page, not the lower half of the current page. Is this expected or is there a way I can adjust to scroll by “half-pages”? Thank you.