Highlight Color

I do not see the color yellow, which has always been an obstacle for using highlight features in software. It would be a great advantage for all color-blinded people to be able to set their preferred color. Also, if the export could organize highlights and comments by color, this would be a bonus.


I can totally see how exporting by color can be super useful: as I myself also use different colors for different purposes (general information, opinions/claims, positive information/outcomes, negative information/outcomes). Having all general information or all pros/cons one after another can make it very convenient to review annotations.

I think perhaps this can be done via a drop down label where we can choose to view annotations chronologically or by type.

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Thank you for sharing your insights @aguilarj2 and @ekatant23. We have recorded your +1s for setting a default highlighter color in the PDF viewer and your feedback on being able to organize annotations by color when exporting for consideration in the future.