How can I get paperpile button on new Pubmed interface?

Greeting, I have been a old fan and loyal user of the old Pubmed interface, but looks like as of today (5/19/20) the legacy version is offline and I must adapt to the new interface. I see another post referencing the fact paperpile enabled a button to link papers on the new interface…but I do not see it showing up. Is there something I am missing? Something I need to install. The old version worked flawlessly for me…hoping to continue in that tradition.


Hi @clair_green, welcome to PP! I believe it should work the same as the old interface. If you are logged into PP, then the icon extension icon will show up in the menu bar. Then, when you are on the webpage of a paper, click on the PP icon. It should look like this:

HI BruceBorkosky,

i love paperpile, been a dedicated user for over two years. It is one of the few apps I pay for monthly it is SO VALUABLE!
I meant a radio button actually on the pubmed page, using the paperpile icon in the menu bar is one more extra step.

Before there was a small paperpile button to the right of the title in pubmed…no extra step. Similar to the paperpile button you see in Google Scholar.

Would love to have that feature again. Will make having the new pubmed more tolerable (I found the old one to be superior for my needs).

Thanks for the question @Claire_Greenand for the suggestions @Bruce_Borkosky. We are slowly adapting to the new PubMed interface and do plan to re-integrate the button to the individual article page like it used to be over one of our next updates. Thanks for your patience.

Fyi - I see the small button in the new interface; though when I click show more for the second page of references, sometimes the buttons will not show up until you scroll down for a couple of references, at times more. Makes it look like the buttons haven’t loaded for the next page.