How do I bulk import a list of URLs?

Is there a way to bulk import a list of URLs to PaperPile? I’m writing a book based on a lot of existing writing of mine, which is sourced using hyperlinks. I’d love to bulk add the URLs from these to PaperPile, but haven’t figured out a way to do it.

I tried uploading a .txt file with 2 URLs as a test, but that didn’t work. I know I can open each link and add it to PaperPile using the Chrome plugin, but this would take a long time. If this isn’t possible, it would be a great feature to include.

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Welcome to the Paperpile community, @Glovely27. I’m happy to say that in the new Paperpile in beta, you can bulk import URLs using the new Paste feature. In the top left corner of the new app, go to Add > Paste and paste the URLs into the Paste references box.