How do I get a "note" field in my bibtex export for preprint manuscripts


when citing a preprint in bibtex, the suggested document class is @UNPUBLISHED. This requires a “note” field. However, paperpile doesn’t seem to offer such a field in the web interface for entries categorized as “Preprint Manuscript”. When I export the entry to bibtex, the field is also missing. Is there some way to manually add it in paperpile? Otherwise I currently have to open the exported bibtex file and manually add the note field for all preprint entries.


Go to the gear in the upper right --> settings --> BibTeX. Check the “include note” box. This will include everything in the “Notes” field under an “annote” key.

The notes field is the one you can write in if you click the pen icon at the bottom of an entry in the main list of papers.

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Hi Jason,

thanks for the reply. But this doesn’t solve the problem:

  title   = "Some title",
  author  = "Author, Some",
  journal = "Some preprint server",
  year    =  2020,
  annote  = "Some manually added string"

Paperpile adds manual notes with “annote”. The spec requires the field to be named “note” as per above link. It seems to me that the purpose of the “note” field in the bibtex spec is to clarify that the cited document is a paper on a preprint server. It therefore doesn’t make too much sense to manually add this for every preprint document in paperpile.

Since paperpile currently doesn’t seem to use the “note” field, would it be possible to add a standard string to the bibtex output of @UNPUBLISHED documents like so:

note = {Preprint on [Source Field from Paperpile]}

I think that would solve my problem.


Looks like Paperpile’s “status” field maps to the “note” field:

  title         = "title",
  author        = "{authors}",
  abstract      = "abstract",
  journal       = "source",
  number        = "number",
  pages         = "pages",
  series        = "series",
  institution   = "institution",
  year          =  2020,
  howpublished  = "how published",
  note          = "status",
  keywords      = "keyword",
  copyright     = "copyright",
  language      = "language",
  conference    = "conference",
  location      = "conference location",
  archivePrefix = "archive prefix",
  eprint        = "eprint id",
  primaryClass  = "primary class"

You can add it with the “additional fields” button in the edit dialog.

Great, thanks for the information. That definitely makes things easier.

Any chance that the status field may be automatically populated by Paperpile in the future, e.g. “Preprint available at [SOURCE]” or something like that?