How do you save to Paperpile on mobile? [Tips and Tricks]

I don’t doubt the wisdom of the development plans for Paperpile mobile, but since it seems like it will be a while before we have a “save to Paperpile” button on mobile devices, I’m curious how other people manage this?

Up till now my method of choice has been to use Todoist, but I recently discovered an iOS app called GoScholar (there is also a free ad-supported version called Research Paper). This can be linked with your Google Scholar “my library” page. The advantage of this method over Todoist is that the Paperpile plugin works on the My Library page, allowing you to quickly add the references as you scroll through the list.


Not exactly Paperpile on a mobile, but it is how I use Paperpile on the go.

I dumped the tablet and bought a Chromebook.

Paperpile works as intended. Given that I prefer to type rather than finger paint, there was no real penalty weight wise, but a real gain in functuality. It has a touch screen and makes marking up papers and annotating easy. Most of the benefits of a laptop, and, using Android apps, all the benefits of a tablet.

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Nice idea on using Google Scholar as a middleman.

My solution is not perfect, but may in fact be simpler. I just save links to my Google Inbox, then return to them when I’m at a computer. It’s easy to save links from emails, Feedly, Twitter etc in 2 clicks. But the main advantage is that I can defer the links by location, so Inbox will only show them to me - for example - when I get home or to the office.

Very interested to hear how others deal with it.