How to cite a reference without scrolling to the top of the PDF?


Right now a source can be searched by title or author, which is fine, but…

When I’m in the middle of reading a journal article or book and want to cite the reference in my Google Doc, I have to scroll all the way to the top of the PDF to copy n paste the title. Then I loose my place in the PDF.

Is there anyway to grab the title/author without going to the first page of the PDF? So I can more easily cite the reference in Google Docs without losing my place in the PDF?

I don’t really have a suggestion for that. All I can say is that to find the book or paper to cite you don’t need to paste the full title. A few keywords are enough to filter your library and find the right citation.

If you are reading a book and want to cite you probably know the author and or the title (which is also shown as short title on the top of every page for many journals)

Also Paperpile names the file with the author and title. Depending on which viewer you are using the title of the file should be somewhere where you don’t have to scroll.