How to disable sharing PDFs when sharing papers

When sharing papers via a link, I notice that it also shares my personal PDFs. This can be an issue if my pdfs contain annotations and I’m sharing the link to many people or in a forum.

Is there any way to disable sharing the PDF? It seems like this would be a useful privacy feature.

For now my solution was to save the PDFs to my PC, then remove them from my paperpile account. Which seems like a hassle, because I don’t know how I can disable the shared link so nobody would see my PDFs if I decide to reupload them.

Thanks for the feedback. At the moment there is no direct way to exclude PDFs when sharing references. This concern has been raised a couple times in the past so the feature is already on our radar, now with your +1 as well. Significant updates for our sharing structure are planned for the short term - please fill out this survey to share your thoughts on the matter and check out our roadmap for that and other planned features.