How to disable the local file storage + misc issues

I experienced a few issues when using paperpile, otherwise I enjoy working with it:

  1. As I am changing the computers I am accessing pp frequently , I would like paperpile to not store the files (pdfs attachments) it locally in the (unknown) local storage directory of chrome. How do I keep pp from saving them, when being opened once via view pdf. (to click clean up manually is somehow a hassle).
    It would be great to have a tick off box there.
    Or are they removed automatically after I logged out (would solve it, snyced or not)

  2. How do I remove duplicates from the gdrive directories if the identical pdf is there twice but the database shows only on entry for the book. (might be because of multiple imports, but as said there is only one entry) Clicking * resync and cleanup* did not solve it. for example

  3. Where cannot find the toolbar as announced in the popup when pressing strg+f ?

  1. Storing local copies of the files is technically required and can’t be made optional. It’s a basic concept of Paperpile that we download the file directly from the publisher and show it right away without going through our servers. So whenever you import a PDF there will be a local copy.
    You can change your PDF viewer to Google Drive. In that case, at least if you just want to view an existing PDF it won’t be downloaded. If the cached files are concern, we’ve added a function to clear them. It seems you already have found this.
  2. Do the library items of these PDFs have multiple files attached (click the paperclip to open the attachments panel, are there multiple files?). A typical scenario when this happens is that you merged duplicates each of which had a PDF attached. If the PDFs are not the same Paperpile does not know which to use and attaches both files to the merged item.
  3. Sorry for the confusions. That’s an old screen and in the meantime the Chrome Viewer has changed its toolbar, so these look different now but are still there. We are about to replace this viewer with our new PDF annotator that is currently in beta, so we forgot about this outdated screen.

I finally got it working with the google drive viewer being the only one opening the pdf inside the private window. The new pp viewer also looks great and opens the pdf in a seperate non-private window, but is at least able to view it in contrast to the others (old ppl and chrome internal)
For the duplicates I might use a gdrive script to remove same files.
Thank you
Furthermore I had to tick the box allow pp in private mode to get the app icon popping up/working. (app free mode is welcomed)