How to do nested citations (author, 2019 as cited by author, 2020)

Hi Paperpile friends,
I need your help. From time to time, I need to cite a reference by another reference. In APA format, I need to do this: (Jones, 2019 as cited by Roberts, 2020) Right now, I do paperpile and it makes it look like this (Jones, 2019) as cited by (Roberts, 2020). Please let me know if and how Paperpile can support what I think should be a needed feature. I suppose I can do a suffix, but then the 2nd reference won’t actually appear.

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Any updates or thoughts on this?

Apologies for the delay here, @jdev. Nested citations are possible by adding both references to the same citation dialogue (just use the search box), then adding the prefix orsuffix as needed:


For this example I was using Harvard and chronological order was respected on the in-text citation, but I think some styles will re-arrange alphabetically so please keep that in mind.