How to export to Endnote?

Cant seem to workout how to export all of my references to Endnote despite trying all buttons and checking through the forum! Help! Im using Paperpile for all my written work but I also need to keep a backup of my Paperpile references externally.

Please go to Settings > Export

You can save your data as RIS file which EndNote should be able to read:


It’s now possible to export a Google Document to Word/EndNote with all citations and references preserved:

I’m assuming that the RIS file will also work to export to RefWorks?

You can use the RIS files with any other program that supports it. Actually, we had RIS export for a very long time exactly for the reason that it’s universally supported.

Unfortunately there is no clear specification of how exactly a RIS should look like. We do our best to export a good RIS file but in the end it depends on the third party app what it does with it.