How to get @incollection for BibTex

Is there any way to get the incollection BibTex category. At the moment the a book chapter is @inbook - however, there if I use this I get an error as it does not allow for an editor. According to the BibTex guide (Complete list of BibTeX entry types [with examples] -


A section, such as a chapter, or a page range within a book.

  author    = "Lisa A. Urry and Michael L. Cain and Steven A. Wasserman and Peter V. Minorsky and Jane B. Reece",
  title     = "Photosynthesis",
  booktitle = "Campbell Biology",
  year      = "2016",
  publisher = "Pearson",
  address   = "New York, NY",
  pages     = "187--221"


A titled section of a book. Such as a short story within the larger collection of short stories that make up the book.

  author    = "Shapiro, Howard M.",
  editor    = "Hawley, Teresa S. and Hawley, Robert G.",
  title     = "Flow Cytometry: The Glass Is Half Full",
  booktitle = "Flow Cytometry Protocols",
  year      = 2018,
  publisher = "Springer",
  address   = "New York, NY",
  pages     = "1--10"

Same solution as my other question:

Figured it out - I was using the newer version (BibLaTex). Switching back to BibTex solved both my problems. It is working very well now. Thanks for putting the time in to set up this integration.

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