How to override Title Case rule application?

How do I override the application of Title Case rules when formatting non-English Titles? I sometimes have English essay/chapters in volumes with say French titles, and French of German essays in English volumes, as well as French or German essay/chapter titles in French volumes etc…

It seems that setting the Language to non-English will sort of work. Does this follow the Title-Case rules for the Language, or does it just ignore the Title Case rules when paperpile formats the refs and bibliography?

I haven’t found any reference to Title Case rules in Paperpile. Or are you referring to external citation formats.

@L_Echo, are you referring to title case in bibliographic entries when citing? If so, it’s worth noting that capitalization and most other formatting is determined by style guidelines and is not something we are able to influence (our styles come directly from CSL).

I understand setting the citation style language to non-English will work depending on whether this is contemplated in the style code, which should be the case for most major styles. It’s also important to make sure the desired capitalization is reflected in an item’s metadata.

Thanks. One of the few features I miss from Zotero was an ability to change the case on titles. So often they are in uppercase and need transforming to Title or Sentence case.

So yes, I worked this out in the end. For each text, there is a field in the Paperpile Database for Language. If this field is set to something ‘de’ or ‘fr’ etc then when formatting your citations Paperpile will not apply English title case conventions to those titles.

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