How to record multiple publication dates?

How does one record multiple publication dates in a book record in Paperpile?

It is customary in citations to social theory to indicate both the original date of publication as well as the publication date of whatever edition/version one is using. Thus, Max Weber’s “Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism” would appear like this:

Weber, Max. 2001 [1904]. The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. New York: Routledge.

This citation format references the Routledge version of the book, but also indicates the original was published in 1904.

As I said, this is common in references to social theory, and is used occasionally too in more contemporary research that has been published in many versions over time.

How can I indicate this in Paperpile records?


At the moment this is not possible I’m afraid. We need to check if CSL (the citation formatting system) we use supports this. If so, it should be easy to add multiple publication dates on our side. @andreas will follow up on that shortly.

It seems that CSL supports this. I have put it onto our list of feature requests.

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Just ran into this problem. I need to include the original publication date for a book and trying to add it caused problems.

That’s now possible with the latest release of Paperpile! We’ve added the fields “Original publisher”, “Original address”, and “Date of the original publication” to specifically cover those use cases mentioned here.

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That is great news. Thanks for continuing to improve Paperpile-- I’m becoming more and more confident in using it as my go-to reference manager.