How to relink 'Local copy specific to this document' with the Database version?

So, I ignorantly-accidentally edited a bunch of references through the Bibliography / Open / Edit, which has divorced them from the Database version. Is it possible to force the refences to re-link to the ‘parent’ entry in the database rather than the ‘local copy specfic to this document’?

I have tried pasting the body of the text into a new document, but it still carries over the ‘local copy’ data. I have since edited all the Database entries with address etc… but obviously they are no longer updating to the local docs.

I tried logging out of paperpile and closing the docs but that didn’t seem to work. When I reformat it still picks up the ‘local data’. Where is the ‘local copy specific to this document’ stored? Can I somehow delete the specific version that has been inadvertently created by my edits in the wrong window?


So I think I have worked out a way to force the citations to re-link to the database, by ‘re-initializing’ those particular citations in a new document and then pasting in the text from the previous document.

This is a bit easier and faster than deleting and re-adding the references:

  1. Start New Document

  2. Type some dummy text and add a bunch of new bare citations to the texts that you are having trouble re-linking to the Database. These will be deleted later so they don’t have to be pretty. By default the Citations will use the database entry obviously. Add some more text etc, more new refences. (Do NOT copy in any text from the document with the ‘localized’ citations yet.)

  3. Run ‘Format Citations’

  4. Close and Re-open the document

  5. Now paste in the text from the old document with the ‘localized’ citations.

  6. Close and Re-open the document (not sure if this is necessary)

  7. Run ‘Format Citations’ (once or twice) this seems to override the ‘localization’ effects.

  8. Delete the dummy random text

  9. Run ‘Format Citations’ again