How to search by multiple PubMed IDs

I have many PubMed IDs and would like to search through my papers to pull out papers that match these PubMed IDs. If I put in one of the PubMed IDs I am able to get a correct paper match. But I cannot figure out how to simply filter my papers by two or more PubMed IDs. I notice that if I put in multiple word terms one after the other with a space it will search for both words among my papers. However, this does not seem to be the case with PubMed IDs which are integers.

This is such a simple and basic search feature that I am sure it must be possible. How is this done in Paperpile? Thanks!

@snamjoshi Welcome to the forum, and thank you for your question. I’m assuming you would type in the PubMed IDs one after the other in the search box, each separated by spaces. Do you mean you would like to do an AND search - the two or more PubMed IDs must be mentioned in all of the search results, or an OR search - find paper 1 with PubMed ID 1 OR paper 2 with PubMed ID 2?

Hello! Yes, I would like to add the IDs one after another in the search box, separated by spaces. I am essentially asking for a lookup of papers by PubMed ID or as close as that is possible given current Paperpile search constraints. So this sounds like an OR search to me since, generally speaking, the PubMed ID is an integer that should only be associated with one paper.

I suppose there is the possibility that the ID (since it’s just a number) could coincidentally appear in another paper in an unrelated context but I can deal with those false positive matches myself if there is no way around that with the current Paperpile search.

Got it @snamjoshi. I’ve recorded your request on our feature tracker.