How to search using the Add Papers search capability

What are the rules to search using the search box in Add Papers? Problem is that multiple words brings us everything related to either word. Instead I am looking to get results related to the sequence of the used in the query, or at a minimum all words in the query.

The search box uses different databases (PubMed, Google Scholar, Crossref, ArXiv) which have different ways (or not) to formulate more complex queries. So there are no common rules at the moment for formulating queries.

You can go to the respective database and use their own search interface. We have Paperpile buttons for all of these databases so you can easily import from there.

FYI: When I search for papers from the Paperpile search box in Google docs, and I click to the upper right icon to open the corresponding page, if the page is pubmed the +Paperpile button is not visible next to the paper title.