How to stop journal abbreviations?

hello - I’m new to using Paperpile and have a question about the automatic abbreviation of journal titles when importing articles. Abbreviated titles are not used in my field and I would like to be able to turn this off, using only the full journal title for paper entries. Is this possible?

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Hi, this is Hoda from the Paperpile team, thanks for reaching out. If you’re referring to the journal titles on the library interface, I’m afraid there’s no current way to customize this behavior. This won’t affect citations unless specifically required by the chosen style, though. Is it a matter of preference for you, or something else? Let me know.

IME, this only occurs inside the PP entry. It does not affect the citation or the reference

Thanks for your response. I do realize this doesn’t impact upon citations, but it does make it challenging to search for journals within the library. As the abbreviations are not used in my field, it is difficult when looking at entries to know which journal the article is from (particularly as some of the abbreviations are obscure and not readable). It would make using Paperpile much more user-friendly if this function could be turned off.