How to view "notes" on IPad app?

I keep all my paper notes under “notes” field when using Paperpile on laptop, but I can’t seem to find it when on IPad app. Am I just not finding it? Is there plan to add it to IPad? Is there another place where I should add my notes on papers?


Library notes have not yet been ported to mobile, but are still very much planned (we’ve gotten the request here and here, and you also mentioned it a while back here). Adding your +2 to our tracker :raised_hands:t4:

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So it’s 2023 and Ipads are popular as ever, any plan to make it work? This forces me to split my paper notes taking between Paperpile and other apps which have ipad integration

Thanks for the follow-up, @Yaroslav_Bulatov. The plans are solid; we’ve just lacked the resources to continue prioritizing mobile development for a while. Although I don’t have a precise timeline to share, the mobile apps are scheduled to receive some attention once we’ve implemented everything currently on the roadmap for the webapp (most already in beta).