I can't add a bookmark in pdf reader/annotator of Paperpile

I can’t add a bookmark in pdf reader/annotator of Paperpile. Is it possible to do so?


Agree, bookmarks are vital - especially when annotating textbooks.

Bookmarks sound like a good idea and we will think about including them in the future. At the moment, however, you can use the comment/sticky annotation as a substitute. Place the annotation anywhere on the page and then it can be used as a bookmark by clicking on it in the annotations pane.

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Thanks, Jason.

Hello all. Have there been any more developments on bookmarks?

No news on this front, @Matt_Tonkins, nor concrete plans to speak of. I’ve added your +1 to bump the topic’s priority on our tracker. Besides Jason’s advice above, it might be relevant to point out that our viewer automatically opens papers in the PDF’s last open position.

Hello, any updates for the bookmark feature? or maybe some way to add a new outline to the pdf? I have to annotate for notetaking purposes too, so it is somehow inconvenient to use the annotation as the bookmark. The bookmarks are a really vital feature.

Welcome @flandreharit to the forum! No updates on the bookmark feature, as the team is currently prioritizing updates to the web app, see our roadmap. I have added your +1 for the team’s consideration in the future.

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Hi, Just a +1 for this feature from me as well please. It would be very useful when PDFs are books or very long articles.

Hello, just echoing this thread - would love to see the bookmark feature as well!