I have a word with endnote file i want to import

I have a word file with 60 citations made with Endnote.
How do i import it to googlde docs with Paperpile

It’s currently not possible to read citations made by EndNote. EndNote saves the citations as “Form fields” which are not imported by Google Docs and thus not accessible for Paperpile.

The fastest way to migrate from Word/EndNote:

Could I just get confirmation of my understanding of this… If I have a google doc that was converted from a endnote-cited word doc, which has consistently numbered citations, I would have to manually re-insert each citations with the paperpile add-on. Is this correct?

Yes, at the moment it’s not possible to automatically convert a Word document from EndNote. We have been looking into it but unlike other products, EndNote does not make it particularly easy to convert automatically.

So I’m afraid the only way is to do it manually. I suggest importing all the references to Paperpile first via a RIS export from EndNote (in case you have not done that yet).

Then go through each citation and use the keyboard shortcut ⌘-Option P to bring up the citation dialog and search for the reference in your library and to insert the new citation.