Ibid, and adding page numbers not figured out


I need a citation style that only uses a superscript number in the text, can use ibid, and can add the page number to the ibid footnotes.

I have tested a number of styles, and have not been successful finding one with all of the above characteristics, or perhaps I am not formatting something correctly? I outline a brief test doc here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cWi1VT48Q9DXUsTMLJG0pVNmYiVfuIblkoPP6X_UFCo/edit?usp=sharing

Any insights? Thank you!

In general, for all footnote styles, you must add the footnote manually then add the citation in the footnote. Using a “note” or “full-note” style should do what you want.

Here is your example using one of the Chicago full note styles:

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