IEEE style linking problem

I’m currently citing with IEEE Style. When I export my document to PDF, the numerical in-text references (e.g. “[1]”) are linked to a webpage that says there aren’t permissions to edit the citation (this page: ).

Since I’m planning to distribute, publish, etc. the document, I would prefer no link, or a link to the citation page within the document – not a link to a paperpile edit prompt.

Is there a way to fix this? Thank you.

We recently made this change to increase security around citations as well as the anonymity of the citations. If you wish to completely remove the links, this can be done using the Export option in our sidebar add-on.

To open the sidebar, go to Add-ons --> Paperpile --> Manage citations, in the Google Docs menu. Then click the gear --> Export, and choose the “No citation codes” option. Note that you will not be able to further edit or format citations on the exported copy.

Thanks man! That’s super helpful.

BTW this forum is so much more positive than other forums for similar products. I’m sure people notice.