Import annotations from Mendeley

I imported my Mendeley library to Paperpile but when I open the documents I cannot see my annotations. I tried opening in the beta pdf-viewer (the default one doesn’t work in Chrome for me) and in the Android app. I considered paying for Paperpile but I don’t want to switch if I cannot access my notes on the old papers. Is the import possible?

Welcome to our forum, @Victoria_Bessonova! Thanks for reaching out here as well as via chat. Unfortunately, importing from Mendeley won’t include annotations because they’re not written directly in the PDFs and we haven’t figured out how to fetch them from Mendeley servers. We are looking into solutions for this and hope to implement the possibility over future updates - adding your +1 to our internal tracker to raise the topic’s priority for the team.

Other users have been able to successfully export the PDFs with annotations via Mendeley’s desktop app and upload them to Paperpile, in case that’s an option for you.