Import Bookmarks

I have a folder of several hundred bookmarks Pubmed articles. Does anyone know of a way to batch import these without having to import each one individually?

Hi @Justin_Tondt, welcome to the forum! To batch import a bookmarked PubMed search, open the bookmarked page in PubMed. Click the “Send to” button, choose “Citation manager”, in the selection box, select “all results”, and click the “Create File” button. This creates a .nbib file that Paperpile can import. Open up the Paperpile web app. Click the “Add Papers” button, select “Upload Files”, then click the “Choose Files(s)” button to upload the .nbib file to Paperpile. The references will be automatically uploaded into a new folder. Let me know if you need anything else.

Sorry for the confusion, but I was not referring to a PubMed search. I have a chrome bookmarks folder of several hundred individual PubMed URLs. Is there a way to batch import these?

@Justin_Tondt No, we don’t offer bulk import of URLs. The manual workaround would be to view each URL, and click the Paperpile button to save to Paperpile. Bulk import of URLs from a Chrome bookmarks folder is a new feature request, which I have added to our internal tracker for consideration in the future.

Understood, thanks

Sorry, a follow up question. It would be pretty easy for me to convert the URLs to PMIDs, so is there any way to bulk import a list of PMIDs?

@Justin_Tondt No, that’s currently not possible either. Other workarounds are to send the citations to a .nbib file, .bib file, or RIS file, or download the PDFs to a folder on your computer and upload the folder of PDFs to Paperpile. Paperpile will parse each PDF and use all detectable metadata to import the articles into your library.

Ok, thank you