Import highlight/annotations from Zotero?

I just tried importing my library from Zotero - both via the online sync method and the export to desktop method.

Unfortunately I see that none of the highlights or annotations are preserved in the papers that were imported! Is there a way I can import my Zotero library with these included?

As much as I would like to switch this is something of a dealbreaker for me…

Welcome to our forum, @ak_jupiter! Expected behavior is for PDF annotations to be imported from Zotero, so this is strange – have you deleted and tried again, with the same result?

If so (in case you haven’t already) please try restarting the browser and signing out/in of both your Google account and Zotero. It would also be good to check if the same happens on another browser – Paperpile runs on any Chromium-based one like Brave, Vivaldi, MS Edge in case you’re able to use any of them for troubleshooting. Let me know.

I deleted/tried again and also used a different browser - neither worked. I ended up exporting all my PDFs from Zotero and then dropping them into paperpile as a big list of PDFs (rather than with the RIS format). This method required me to re-enter a lot of the citation information for each PDF but at least the highlights/annotations were preserved.

Thanks for letting us know, @ak_jupiter. In the context of updating our web app and extension, this (import from other software) will be one of the topics with significant improvements. We expect to have a public beta for this novelties by the end of the year – check out our roadmap to see some of what’s planned.