Import PDFs directly to the Android App

Hi all,

One important feature that I am currently missing is to be able to import PDF files into the Library wih the Android App. I do not mean PDFs I can download by searching in the search engine. I mean any PDF. It is a feature that was built in the Mendeley app long ago and, although I prefer the look and usablity of Paper like more, that feature interferes significantly with my reading flow. I frequently get PDFs from emails or I download while commuting with my smartphone. I would like to have those incorporated into the library/app and be able to read them there to make annotations that are properly stored.
I hhave tried to log in to paperpile from Chrome for Android (in the Chrome App it is possible to import any PDF), and that would be a good workaround for that feature in the App, but it is not possible. It makes not much sense that a feature that is present in the Chrome App cannot be present in the App because then it means that adding PDFs to the library requires the (Desktop) Chrome App.

That would be an important feature to implement. Hope it is possible in the near future.

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I have figured out how to import PDFs to the library with the Android App. When a PDF is open the there is an option to “Send file…”. Choosing there Paperpile will allow to import a PDF and add tags and folders.

This option should be clearer in the Help documentation but no need to implement this feature because it is already there.

Thanks anyway

Yeah, but it doesn’t catch the authors, title etc so pretty useless compared to the chrome extension…