Import pdf's into Existing Folder

When uploading pdf’s you are able to choose “Organize papers into new folder.” It would be nice to be able to choose from existing folders as well. It would also be nice to choose a default folder for new uploads.

The reason I would like this is because it doesn’t seem possible to view only papers that are not sorted into a folder (at least I haven’t figured that out). You can only view all papers or those inside a folder. So I would like to import into an “Unsorted” folder so I can view only its contents and move them to the appropriate folder.



On the right hand panel there is an unsorted filter that will select items that are not assigned to a folder or a label.

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We still need to be able to import pdfs directly into a folder (for instance, the folder one is currently in)… Being able to sort them into folders after importing is exactly what users would prefer to avoid.


I agree with the OP. Having to assign folders after uploading pdfs is a chore.


Adding to this thread b/c this features would REALLY improve the use of paperpile.

One of the few things I like about Zotero over Paperpile is how easy/quick it is to add a paper to my reference manager. In Zotero, I could just drag a PDF into any open folder and the PDF ended up there and Zotero added metadata automatically (if it could be found).

Dragging into specific folders would make paperpile that much better than the competition!

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I have tried to send the pdf file from my iPhone but it turns up with the error message notifying about the iTunes Error 590624 to be the reason for that. Is it so? Is fixing it the only option that needs to be done to eliminate the error?

I have just subscribed to paperpile and I was wondering how to upload files straight to a folder, then I found the request for this feature here back in 2016!

Dear paperpile team, please listen to people here.


Ok- just to re-iterate here,
great software, but really you have to solve this problem. This is really frustrating as we intend to have articles and we would like to add them directly into a folder where we are compiling it for a paper or a grant.

This will make it a perfect software.
please solve the fact we can upload files directly into the folders/subfolders instead of going back and resorting them from all papers!!

Much appreciate it


All new users of paperpile request this feature since that’s when they do the most uploading. I vote for it strongly too. All new users have had their papers in some sort of management, either manual or other. For me, like many others, all my PDFs were in my google drive under different folders and I am trying to upload them to paperpile. Each time I upload a group of PDF, they go into the untitled section and I have to rearrange them to the folder of my preference. Wouldn’t it be easy to select the folder upfront where I want to upload the PDF and be done with it? Folks at paperpile (Stefan and others) and excellent and smart and very practical. I am sure they are listening!

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Dear Paperpile,

This is a huge inconvenience like the other users mentioned and dates back to 2016. Like in Google Drive or Zotero, we should be able to drag and drop directly into a folder/ subfolder.

I would go as far as why not allow people to upload a folder that has pdfs and subfolders so we don’t have to reorganize them in paperpile one subfolder at a time. This is a huge pain for new customers who are trying to move from other platforms to paperpile.

Thanks for the bump here, @snehesh, and thanks to all other recent posters for their input. We will soon be working on a complete rewrite of our Chrome extension’s import UI and targeted import will definitely be part of it (for both folders and labels). This will be coordinated with some bigger initiatives such as support for other browsers and a significant revamp of our sharing system; we don’t have a timeline to share yet but it’s definitely high on our list as a popularly demanded feature.


Thanks for the reply! Appreciate it. Hopefully, this feature is coming sooner than later :slight_smile:

Agreed - I’m a new customer who moved over from Mendeley since they cut their iOS app. I just started using PaperPile and the lack of this feature (importing into folders directly) is already making me question whether to subscribe after my trial.


Moving articles after uploading is very cumbersome…

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I’m writing to add my vote to this. It’s extremely, extremely, user-unfriendly not to be able to import directly into a folder. This is a very basic essential feature and not having it is very frustrating.

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I would like to add my support for this feature. There are many other ways to get a pdf beyond the paperpile button/extension and importing it directly to the folder you are (optimal) or to a folder you select in the upload window, would save us at least two clicks. This is really important and I have not seen any justification for its omission.

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Bumping this feature. Please follow the style of zotero extension on this

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one more bump

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Has this been addressed yet? Really feels like a simple, but essential, feature to have. Thanks!

Thanks for the bump here as well, @Andrew_LC – my reply on the other thread you pinged also applies here!