Import problems from BMC journals

Hello, I’m finding that I can no longer import papers from journals published by BMC. The specific journals I’ve tried are BMC Bioinformatics, Genome Biology, and Microbiome. Paperpile recognizes a paper on the site, and suggests import, but upon viewing in Paperpile no data is transferred and “Auto-update” doesn’t work either. This issue has been going on for at least three weeks. Can you help get these journals automatically importable again? Thanks in advance.

I just checked again and this appears to be fixed.

Thanks for the report, @Cameron_Thrash, and welcome to our forum! Indeed, yours was one of several reports about this issue which aided the team in identifying the cause and releasing a fix for it. Appreciate the follow-up as well.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out again here or via chat/email ( should you have any further questions or observations to share.