Import Zotero lib with PDF in own Webdav

Dear all

How can I import into Paperpile the PDFs from my Zotero library, in the special case where those PDFs are located on my own Webdav server rather than on Zotero’s cloud?

The Zotero import function worked awesome except that it lost all the PDF attachments :confused:

Thanks a lot for any help, I’m so happy to be back on Paperpile – I alpha-tested it in 2011, loved it, and was very sad when it closed. Very glad to see it alive and better than ever!


Hi Jucor,

I am afraid but that is something that is currently not implement. Paperpile only grabs the PDFs from the official Zotero cloud.


Fair enough, that’s quite an advanced feature.
I’ll temporarily buy some Zotero quota and transfer the files to their cloud so that Paperpile can then import them. That was actually related to my group library question that you answered too. Thanks!