Importing blog posts

Sometimes I face an interesting blog post or a piece of news, not a paper. The post contains data related to my research, but I don’t have time at that moment to read it. Normally I keep the tab open on my browser or just save the URL somewhere.

Papers are first-class citizens in Paperpile, but what if we could save the address of web pages (not necessarily the content) as a referencable item in our Paperpile beside papers. Then we could sort them out with papers in folders.

Is this a viable option or I am dreaming too much?

I just realized that this feature is already supported. Isn’t it a beautiful time to be alive?
Can we have the button beside the research results as well?

I’m glad you worked it out! Please feel free to keep sharing feedback or feature requests.

Limiting the button to paper results was a visual rather than a technical decision, so as to avoid cluttering results pages.