Importing refs from shared link

We love sharing links to favorite papers among lab members, but it’s not straightforward to add a paper to your own paperpile library from the shared link. People have been going through a lot of clicks to manually match papers and add the .pdf. Any way to make this more smooth?

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If everyone has a Paperpile account the simplest thing is to set up a shared folder. Everyone can move papers in the shared folder and they can be imported in one’s personal library with one click. Please note that the shared folder also has a “sharing link”. So In principle nothing changes instead that you always share one link.

That said, we are aware that the problem you describe is an unnecessary bump in the workflow, which we are aware of. It’s mainly technical at the moment and adding a “import to paperpile button” which we for example already have in a shared reference list tied to a Google Doc is not completely trivial in the current implementation.

Here is more information on shared folders:

Thanks! Thats quite helpful. If it does get sorted out in the future, that would be great, as it’s really useful to be able to send links to specific papers in a variety of contexts, rather than working from shared folders.

In the bigger picture, we are still learning about how Paperpile is used in groups so any feedback is welcome. What we can say so far is that sharing is very popular so it’s one aspect that we are very interested in.

So just out of curiosity, how do you share the links, via e-mail or do you use Slack or anything similar for group communication?

We use Slack for lab communication and OneNote for lab notebooks. We’ve been sharing paperpile links to papers in both contexts. We do have a shared folder for journal club articles, and are considering making a shared folder for general lab papers. The main issue is that people like to make independent annotations on their papers.

Thanks for being so responsive and making such a great product! We’re really impressed with how well paperpile works, especially for collaborative writing and citing. We’d be happy to do any case studies or beta testing, if that would be useful.

I came here to request the same feature. Thanks for bringing it up - we have a very similar situation/workflow, and the ability to make personal annotations is key.

Doing this well strikes me as one of the more difficult things to design and implement… how do you have a shared resource, where people have access to the shared resource, but also the ability to do their own things (and even better - see the annotations of all your colleagues but also have your own)?

Does this integrate with slack yet? Just wondering if I missed this

No Slack integration (yet). You can share a “sharing” link though and it will display properly. If you click the link you should be able to import it to your own library.